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Please note that we won't send you a thank you email if you do this, it would add to our considerable admin efforts, but we are sending you warm thoughts of gratitude.

What happens with your money?

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Producing theatre is very expensive. Some of the biggest expenses are the most boring ones, like insurance, and accountant's fees. Some are more "exciting", like fees for performers or costs for materials like fabrics for costumes.

So, if you give us money, it will in some ways go towards the purpose of this company: to produce things. However, we make no guarantee whatsoever what the money is being used for, and we also are a for-profit company, so there is no tax relief for you, and we have to tax it as income.

But all that said, hoepfully, giving us money will give you a fuzzy warm feeling. We certainly are grateful. So far, we are deeply in the red (at the time of writing anyway, i.e. May 2018).